connectivity issues

For some weeks now I have been having quite severe connectivity problems with the Nitro Matrix server. On average, a few times a week I can’t connect to the server for minutes our hours. The current streak is exceptionally long: three days! Pondering to switch home servers.

Is that just me? Is the server config up-to-date? Any help apprreciated.

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Can recreate - been unable to connect for three days, unable to log back in for two. I’ve emailed support to say as much, but will add my voice here as well.

Interestingly, I can no longer get a response from in a web browser; yesterday I was sucessfully served a page from showing version info - even this appears down today.

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Confirming the issue on my side as well. FWIW IT team is working on it since today’s morning.


Thanks @Quicksilver and @szszszsz for confirming!

I still get java.lang.RuntimeException.http...502...BadGateway errors.

Anyway, thanks for being on it @szszszsz And of course thanks a lot to Nitrokey for setting up a Matrix server open to the public in the first place (I didn’t mean to sound ungrateful in my initial post)!!

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Accessed this afternoon and was served the page I got before the outage:

I’m now able to log back in - it took a while for my client to switch homeservers (longer than usual) but I’m able to send and receive messages, albeit with a slight delay. Messages sent to me during the outage aren’t being picked up on my desktop client (the one I logged out of) but it’s not a large issue - I can read and interact with them on mobile.

For me it’s still a mess. I cleaned my client’s cache so my profile and stuff had to be pulled from the server again - it took very long. My profile and subscription did reappear, but most channels load content only after a looong time and dare you when you scroll. It’s just really painfully slow, even for Matrix standards.

@szszszsz could you maybe keep us posted regarding what your IT team says? As in I would love to hear when, from your side of things, the server seems to run normally again. Because when that’s the case but for me it’s still laggy as hell I’ll at least know I don’t have to wait for a further improvement.

@Tencel Sure! Will let you know if I would hear anything significant.
From my experience it seems to be working better at the moment (maybe except for failing to send some old messages), but I have not seen anything official yet.

All is fine again for me since around Tuesday I think. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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