Matrix server is down

The matrix server is inaccessible.

The Webinterface throws the following error:
“ Can’t connect to homeserver - please check your connectivity, ensure your [homeserver’s SSL certificate] is trusted, and that a browser extension is not blocking requests.

Your NitroChat is misconfigured
Ask your NitroChat admin to check your config for incorrect or duplicate entries.”

nitro . chat/_matrix/client/versions displays: “502 Bad Gateway”

When will this be fixed?

I can confirm that I have the same problem.

Now we just have to wait for the server to become available again.

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I am waiting for any feedback from a person responsible.
Instead my post was flagged as spam without any comprehensible reason.

As announced it in the NitroChat Matrix room, the server has a planned downtime this weekend. It will become online tomorrow.

Naturally I wanted to ask or look inside the NitroChat Matrix room what is going on… But well, it is unaccessible as well during downtimes of course!

Can you please establish a separate source of information and announcements that is independent of the matrix server (e.g. status page, blog, thread in this forum)? So that folks like mrzen and myself can figure out the issue without having to open a thread and ask for it?
Thank you very much :pray: