NitroChat: STUN/TURN support

Hello! I have recently tried to use NitroChat (great idea to offer it, by the way!) and came to notice that during voice/video calls the client can not make a connection to STUN/TURN server on

TURN(relay(IP4:| Couldn't start STUN
Write error for IP4: - 10

and then:

STUN-CLIENT(relay(IP4:| Timed out
TURN(relay(IP4:| mode 20, nr_turn_client_error_cb
TURN(relay(IP4:| failed
TURN(relay(IP4:| cancelling

Might it be that there is a problem with the STUN/TURN server on Or is there no server there?

I am using Element on

NitroChat version: 1.7.21
olm version: 3.2.1
Firefox 78 ESR on Linux

Hi! I am glad you like it!

I will pass your report to our engineers and update here on answer.

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Thanks for your information. The turn service at is now running again.

Thank you! Works perfectly now