NitroKey 3 as HSM


I am curious if the new NitroKey 3 can also be used as HSM, and if it will be possible to import already existing keys.

The HSM usage is basically full PKCS#11 support (like used with PKCS11-tool, sc-hsm-tool, … ).
Currently I am using a cardcontact hsm (~= nitrokey hsm ? ) but our use case requires importing rsa 4K keys to the device, which isn’t possible with that one (or the old nitrokey). Although the spec of those devices state that 4K keys are supported, it isn’t true for all scenarios:


I have imported quite a few 4K RSA keys on Nitrokey HSM 2 from .wky files without big problems (almost getting memory full… which is dangerous) - and managed to get PKCS #12 import reliably working, too (after few hiccups).