Nitrokey 3 FIDO2 2FA does not consistently works on FreeBSD

Hello everyone,

I am able to use the Nitrokey 3 as a security keys for 2fa on multiple website such as: gitea, nextcloud, github.
However, when I try to use 2fa multiple times, the nitrokey seems to lock itself. And also it makes firefox very laggy.

I see that happening with nitropy when I list nk3 devices multiple times: the first times it show the keys, and the other times it either show no keys or get stuck.
For nitropy I don’t know if it is related of how I ported libusbsio (I simply removed most of the nxp implementation of hidapi and used the one that is available on FreeBSD).

The firmware version is 1.2.2, and nitropy version is 0.4.25 (from pipx, I patched libusbsio after first fail).

And FreeBSD version is 13.1-RELEASE-p2

Thanks in advance for suggestions