Nitrokey 3 firmware status


Wondering if the Nitrokey 3 series will get full firmware support with 100% functionality by Christmas.
Especially OpenPGP and SSH key operation support seem to be still unsupported for now.
I would like to gift some of them away but that would only make sense for me if they will have all features supported by the firmware by then.

Is there any comprehensive status page about their development? I only found minor updates on the blog without a full description of what works and what does not.

Hi @devnull !

  1. SSH support through FIDO2 should work already with v1.0.4+ firmware.
  2. From what I’ve seen the OpenPGP features development is going well - I will ask to make some kind of an update in the blog/news.
  3. Good idea about the roadmap / ready feature table - I will pass it further. So far we have a general comparison table here: