Nitrokey 3 key assembly

I recently purchased two nitrokey 3 NFC, USB A.

Unfortunately I dropped my computer with the key inside the usb port and it opened :

When I plug in the key without reassembling it and press on the little black cable, it works.

As soon as I put it back in its case, it doesn’t work anymore.

How do I reassemble the key :)?

What is the purpose of the small cable glued to the box?

Does it have to press the first one connected to the chip?

Should the two cables be used to hide the LED light when clicked on?

It must be a piece of stupidity to reassemble, but I don’t see how :frowning:

Since I’m such a clumsy guy, I’ve just recommended a nitroker 3 mini. So I can leave it inside my laptop all the time.

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Hey, the cable you see on the board and the other part on the casing should be actually connected. During the drop of the computer it got apparently cut. In this condition it can’t work as designed. Please write to so my colleagues can see if we can offer you an repair of the Nitrokey.