NitroKey 3 NFC Status

Dear All,

I received my brand new Nitrokey 3A NFC. I have a couple of question regarding the actual status:

  • Is the key supported by GPG?
  • Are the S/MIME functionalities already supported?
  • Will the firmware be upgradable via application like fido2?
  • Will the key be supported by NitroApp?

Thanks again for your patience to answer my questions, but I cannot find any clear development roadmap.


Please look here: Nitrokey 3 — Nitrokey Documentation
Nitrokey 3 FAQ — Nitrokey Documentation

Thanks @user93920. I already read the FAQ.

My question is essentially on roadmap because my typical usage is gpg-oriented (almost git commits signature) and I will continue to use my slow-and-old NK Pro with RSA keys for this.
Fido2/2FA, in my case, is not the killer application. I suppose that there are a lot of buyers with my same usage scenario.
I hope in @robin-nitrokey, @nickray, @szszszsz and all NK developers effort to fill the gap.
To be clear, I’m also a embedded system developers and I’m also fighting with silicon shortage, but I have learned from my experience* that HW without SW is just a brick. Said that, I trust in NK and NK’s people and I will renew my trust in the future.



  • In italian sounds lile “I tried/learned on my skin” / “Ho imparato sulla mia pelle”.
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