Nitrokey 3 on Debian10 based distro

These days I got 2 Nitrokeys 3A NFC and I am facing some interesting behavior:

  • On my desktop which runs MX-21 (based on Debian 11) everything works fine
  • On my laptop which runs MX-19 (based on Debian 10) the Nitrokey3 does not work (most times) but my Nitrokey FIDO2 does work there
  • When I run pamu2cfg as a normal user on MX-19 the Nitrokey FIDO2 is detected correctly but with the Nitrokey3 it get the message:
Unable to generate registration challenge, error in transport layer (-2)
  • When I run sudo pamu2fcfg on MX-19 the Nitrokey3 is detected correctly

I already tested the 41-nitrokey.rules in the current an the old version but no difference in the described behavior.
Also I had some rare situations where the Nitrokey3 worked properly on MX-19 on some websites but only with the Chromium Browser (Firefox never workes here). But this only happens more ore less every 12th attempt and by now I was not able to find any regularity here.