Nitrokey 3 Opensuse Installation


so I just received my first Nitrokey and I am kind of lost on how to make use of it. I stumbled upon “Nitrokey 3 doesnt work with Nitro App” and this cli tool called pynitrokey which kind of doesnt work yet for my TW installation, at least nitropy --help doesnt give me any output.

So I kinda fail to realize what is possible yet with NK3 and how do I achieve/what application do I need for it on Linux?

Thanks in advance.


Nitropy is an optional tool but very usefull right now for updating the firmware.

Right now only FIDO2 feature work. Unless you encoutner certain fixed bugs the firmware version will not matter much. If an issue occurs there is a high chance it is already fixed in the most up to date firmware.

Here is the overview of the Nitrokey 3 Nitrokey 3 With Linux - Nitrokey Documentation

For nitropy check out this guide: Installing nitropy With pipx - Nitrokey Documentation

The udev rules might need to be installed manually and this might be the issue you are currently encountering.

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Is there a roadmap somewhere in regards to functionality for the nitrokey 3?