Nitrokey 3 Password Manager


I was wondering if there is an ETA on the password manager for Nitrokey 3 and if someone can describe in more detail how it will function?

For example, let’s say I have an account at and want to store the password as 1 of the 16 passwords that can be stored on the Nitrokey 3 hardware device. What’s the step by step process to then use the Nitrokey 3 device to store and use the password? Thank you.


we cannot give a clear ETA yet but are working on it. OTP is already implemented and needed for a password manager. We will provide a graphical user interface to use the password manager. Depending on our implementation there might be even more passwords than 16 safed upon the device.

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I regret ordering my nitrokeys… not only did it take forever to receive a small subset of my order, but the product features aren’t even close to being ready.

You’ve definitely lost me as a future customer and I’m sure many others by taking our money for something that doesn’t exist…