Nitrokey 3 RC Update

How do you update to an RC version? Current nitropy is installed. Unfortunately, there is no precise information about this.

this can be done like that:

nitropy nk3 update --version v1.7.0-rc.3

rc.2 and rc.1 are not available as they didn’t make it through our internal tests, rc.3 should be available soon now. Please be aware that those are release candidates and there still can be issues

Command Shell as Administrator

C:\Program Files\Nitrokey\Nitropy>nitropy nk3 update --version v1.7.0-rc.3
Command line tool to interact with Nitrokey devices 0.4.46
Do you want to download the firmware version v1.7.0-rc.3? [Y/n]: y
Download v1.7.0-rc.3: 100%|
Current firmware version: v1.6.0
Updated firmware version: v1.7.0-rc.3

Please do not remove the Nitrokey 3 or insert any other Nitrokey 3 devices during the update. Doing so may damage the Nitrokey 3.
Do you want to perform the firmware update now? [y/N]: y

Please press the touch button to reboot the device into bootloader mode …

Critical error:
An unhandled exception occurred
Exception encountered: SPSDKConnectionError()

Critical error occurred, exiting now
Unexpected? Is this a bug? Would you like to get support/help?

Update with Mac no Problem :slight_smile: