Nitrokey 3 With NFC, USB-C, Rust, Common Criteria EAL 6+, what is the status of the support of the secure element

Waiting since a quite extended time (some years) to see this product “completely supported”.
What is the current expectation of completion for the secure element firmware support of this product.
The last updates about this topic I see them in spring 2023. So thread for spring 2024: any progress?
Thank you.

Hey @solucion

The Secure Element is already supported in the most recent test firmware and has been reported as being stable and used in production. We expect it to be available inside the stable firmware within the next releases - maybe in v1.7.1. This means in the ballpark of some weeks…

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Dear Daringer,
this is very good news. Will (once the firmware is out and stable be installed by default on all shipping Nitrokey3?

Yes, once the SE050 integration is in stable we will ship all Nitrokey 3s with this option enabled by default - it will then still be possible to switch to the pure software implementation.