Nitrokey 3A Firmare 1.4.0: test fails

I just updated my Nitrokey 3A from v1.3.1 to v1.4.0. The update went smoothly. But afterwards I did a nitropy nk3 test --pin xxxxxx and got an error:

Command line tool to interact with Nitrokey devices 0.4.36
Found 1 Nitrokey 3 device(s):
- Nitrokey 3 at /dev/hidraw2

Running tests for Nitrokey 3 at /dev/hidraw2

[1/5]	uuid         	UUID query              	SUCCESS  	XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
[2/5]	version      	Firmware version query  	SUCCESS  	v1.4.0
[3/5]	status       	Device status           	SUCCESS  	Status(init_status=<InitStatus: 0>, ifs_blocks=55, efs_blocks=478)
[4/5]	provisioner  	Firmware mode           	FAILURE  	Failed to establish context: Service not available. (0x8010001D)
Please press the touch button on the device ...
Please press the touch button on the device ...
[5/5]	fido2        	FIDO2                   	SUCCESS  	

5 tests, 4 successful, 0 skipped, 1 failed

Summary: 1 device(s) tested, 0 successful, 1 failed

Critical error:
Test failed for 1 device(s)

What could be the problem here?

This is no reason for concern. In fact, we will disable the provisioner test per default in the next pynitrokey release because it is not relevant for end users and can easily fail due to the test environment. In your case, pcscd is not running, so it cannot connect to the device over the CCID protocol.

I would recommend to just ignore this failure until the next pynitrokey release (or just exclude the test case with --exclude provisioner).

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