Nitrokey 3A NFC Linux Nitrokey App 2, can't set up HMAC


New owner of a Nitrokey 3A NFC, and new to Nitrokey. I am trying to follow these instructions:

Nitrokey App 2 is installed (2.2.1) and running, Nitrokey 3 is detected. However, when I click on the key, Passwords tab, + Add, I get no dropdown menu “algorithm” and no way to select HMAC.

All I see is a bunch of text fields for entering a credential name, username, password, comment, an un-named menu that offers me “TOTP” and “HOTP”, and checkboxes for require pin and require touch.

Please help, I’m at a dead end here.

the HMAC was added in version 2.2.2 of the app 2.
If you can’t get that version yet, there is a manual way to create an HMAC entry with the nitropy package (some threads in the forum describe how to use that).