Nitrokey 3C NFC Fido


I cannot register the dongle as security device for FIDO, for Google.

“Verbindung nicht möglich
Entfernen Sie Ihren Schlüssel und verbinden Sie ihn wieder. Versuchen Sie es anschließend noch einmal.”

I tested Chrome (113.0.5672.93), Firefox (113.0.1), Edge (113.0.1774.42) under Windows 10 (19045.2965), different USB ports, reflash firmware, reset dongle etc.

other FIDO problems:

  • I configured the device as Windows Auth device but it does not work, I changed the PIN, but there is no possibility to sign in with that device in login screen… no security card sign as option (private pc, no policy what prevent such things…)
  • I configured it for Nextcloud (version 26.0.1) as FIDO2 device, I can enter PIN and nothing happens no login

At the moment the dongle is totally useless for me. What did I forget?

nitropy.exe nk3 status
Command line tool to interact with Nitrokey devices 0.4.36
UUID: 751054B053E57356916160C2F6930AC7
Firmware version: v1.4.0
Init status: ok
Free blocks (int): 48
Free blocks (ext): 474