Nitrokey 3C NFC - set pin does not work


I’ve upgraded to verstion 1.5.0 and renewed my gpg-keys and the user- and admin-pin. I also set an resetCode.

Then i tried pkcs11-tool --login --list-objects and was asked for the user-pin. I entered the former one i set, and got:

Using slot 1 with a present token (0x4)
Logging in to "OpenPGP card (User PIN)".
Please enter User PIN: 
error: PKCS11 function C_Login failed: rv = CKR_PIN_INCORRECT (0xa0)

But it was the correct PIN (using a password-manager!!)

After that i was not able to change the pin with gpg --change-pin anymore. I could not reset the pin nor reset the master-pin with the resetCode.

I had to do a factory-reset with gpg. After that, i could set all new. generate a new key, set pin, admin-pin and resetCode… but the play starts agaein with trying pkcs11-tool --login

I have this issue too! Or kind of.
I have set the admin and user pin with gpg --edit-card, and added three subkeys.
Then I wanted to create a FIDO2 key but asks for a pin… nor user nor admin pin previously set work.
If I try to do nitropy fido2 set-pin it says that maybe the pin is already set.

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