Nitrokey app fedora 38

Hi everyone, I am using an x 230 with preinstalled qubes os. After upgrading to from fedora 37 to 38, I do not manage to install and make work the nitro key app.

Where can i find a good documentation for this?

Many thanks in advance.

What will be the error?
On F38 I will need to use python virtual env, because the semver of Fedora is of date.
But then it will work:

bin/nitropy nk3 test
Command line tool to interact with Nitrokey devices 0.4.42
Found 1 Nitrokey 3 device(s):
- Nitrokey 3 at /dev/hidraw5

Running tests for Nitrokey 3 at /dev/hidraw5

[1/5]	uuid     	UUID query              	SUCCESS  	XXXXXX
[2/5]	version  	Firmware version query  	SUCCESS  	v1.5.0
[3/5]	status   	Device status           	SUCCESS  	Status(init_status=<InitStatus: 0>, ifs_blocks=29, efs_blocks=473, variant=<Variant.LPC55: 1>)
[4/5]	se050    	SE050                   	SKIPPED  	
[5/5]	fido2    	FIDO2                   	FAILURE  	FIDO2 pin is set, but not provided (use the --pin argument)

5 tests, 3 successful, 1 skipped, 1 failed

Summary: 1 device(s) tested, 0 successful, 1 failed

Critical error:

Thank you for your reply, which I do not really understand.

Shouldn’t there be an easy way to install the nitro key app on fedora 38?