Nitrokey app2 help

Hi, can anyone tell my what the password section of app2 is for.

Thanks in advance

Yes, password storage. But for what, and from where?

You can store secrets for Time based One Time Passwords (TOTP) or arbitrary strings on the Nitrokey 3 and you can select whether you first need to authenticate before using them.

Similar functionality as pynitrokey nk3 secrets command.

Thanks for the quick reply
I am however a total noob. Would you indulge me.

These time based passwords, are they like the sms codes some sites use, or are they like the authentication codes from apps.

Do the secrets stored there mean I wouldn’t need sms codes?

You gotta understand, I’m really feeling my way here and I need spoon feeding.

Following your link (thank you) it seems that it’s just a storage for mundane (non cryptograpic) secrets. True?
If so then I’ve been giving there more credit than I should

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