Nitrokey Beta Program?

When I look at my collection of all the Nitrokey products I use on a daily basis since I first learned about the Crypto Stick at CeBit / Linux Tag I ask myself whether there is also a beta program for new products?

Related question - but asking about software, not hardware. Is there plan or program for testing new features of firmware of keys? I have NitroKey 3 and would like to help with testing of new versions or features.


Hey together,

based on your idea(s) we decided that a beta program for selected people would be nice, if you two would still be interested I would invite you into the beta tester group and there we would further discuss our planned approach.


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Iā€™m still interested in participating in beta firmware program.

Hey. Thanks for considering this. I am still keen on helping out testing beta features.

Hi, thanx for inviting to the beta-program.
I am interested in participating too.

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