Nitrokey blinking Red and Green on Nitropad

i have seen and even recorded on video a very strange behaiviour of the Nitrokey on booting the Nitropad - it blinks very fast 2 times red (really fast, but visible) and starts to blink green afterwards.
Is it a sign of a compromise? If not, why it is blinking red for the very 1st second? (but green afterwards)

Please try refreshing your OTP secrets in Heads/firmware menu.

Hi @Qubes!

Red LED is used for other means as well, like:

  • signalizing smart card access;
  • power on blink.

As far as I know, Heads contains as well software accessing smart card devices, hence the red LED could flash briefly due to that.

I’d like to add: if it is blinking red infinitely than you have a mismatch which might be related to a change to the BIOS/tampering.
On the other hand, if it is blinking green for some seconds you are good to go and can trust the message of the BIOS.