Nitrokey broken?

Hello NitroKey.

I have been using my NitroKey Pro 2 with my NitroPad for a while.
Sadly, the NitroKey has stopped working on a regular basis as of lately.
The Nitropad only register the NitroKey rarely. Somedays it will be acknowledged after a few times of re-inserting the NitroKey. Other days i can spend hours with no luck. I have of course checked if it had something do with the USB ports themselves, however this is not the case.
Any ideas on what to do?


What application/service do you use? I assume below that you want to access GnuPG.
It’s possible you have an access conflict with other smart card accessing service, specifically OpenSC. Could you try to close the mentioned service with the following commands and check again? I will provide below additional commands to see whether the device is recognized by the OS at all as well.

# Part 1: stop OpenSC smart card service and reload GnuPG
$ sudo systemctl stop pcscd pcscd.socket
$ gpgconf --reload all
$ gpg2 --card-status

# Part 2: list devices connected with given VID
$ lsusb -d 20a0:
$ dmesg | grep "Nitrokey Start" -C5 | tail

Please paste the results of the commands, if the GnuPG reloading from first part would not help.

Edit: what is your operating system name and version?