Nitrokey can´t connect to the App (new FIDO2)

Hello together,

for me it isn´t possible to connect my FIDO2 USB device to WIN10 Home build 1909.

Is there any work arround or thing i miss to config my FIDO2 with the Nitrokey App on WIN10 ?

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Nitrokey App at the moment handles only Nitrokey Pro and Storage devices. There is not much to configure on Nitrokey FIDO2 in current firmware, but that might change in the future.

As for the basic customization, Windows 10 allows to set up the FIDO2 PIN on the first FIDO2 use by any browser. PIN changing and the factory reset features are integrated with the W10 as well, through Settings system menu.

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How will the firmware update done ? USB or the 5 point Debug connection ? Is it possible in HW Rev3 to solder the missing chips U4 and U5 for further feature extension ? I have seen on GIT is Rev 5 allready …

@Peacekeeper please open a new discussion for your questions. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Done !