Nitrokey FIDO U2F button?

Seeing that the marketing photographs of the upcoming U2F device has a “finger on button” picture on the device’s side, will it have a physical button similar to a Yubikey?


Yes, Nitrokey FIDO U2F will have a physical touch button.

That’s great, thanks for your reply.

Hi there,
when I remember right, when I pre-ordered it this spring, the shipment should start in August. Are you still committed to that timeline ?

Hey @Peacekeeper,

I apologize for the late answer.

The Nitrokey FIDO U2F should be released in autumn 2017. Until now we stick to this plan. As far as I am aware it was always meant to be autumn and not August. I am sorry, if there was any other anouncement or a miscommunication about the release date.

Kind regards

NP ! … and I still enjoy the summer. So take your time to give me a good quality product in autumn/fall ! :grinning: