Nitrokey FIDO U2F donation

I have an unused Nitrokey FIDO U2F that I no longer have a use case for. It was briefly used for software testing, is in good cosmetic shape and is not missing its cap. I would like to prevent it from eventually becoming electronic waste and would like to support Nitrokey maintenance and interoperability. Therefore, I want to donate it.

Preferably I would like to donate it to a software developer who ensures that the firmware of the device is maintained or who ensures that it is compatible with a somewhat relevant application. However, if no software developer wants it, I can also donate it to someone who makes good use of it.

If you live in Germany or the European Union, send me a private message with your postal address and whether you are a software developer. I will send it for free to the first person who answered and is a software developer and if no software developer answers, I will send it to the first person who answered.

I’m not sure whether this topic is appropriate for the support forum. If it is in appropriate, please feel free to close it and to notify of it in a private message. My intention when creating this topic was to prevent a functional but unused device from being becoming electronic waste and to support the development of applications for Nitrokeys and firmware for Nitrokeys. I did not to violate the rules of this support forum.

I’m closing this topic.