NITROKEY FIDO2 4 win$ Clients

Hello all,

i will use the NITROKY FIDO2 Stick for Login (SSO) on M$ Win Clients (mostly win10) - i have read the m$ doks, what i found always points to “hybrid excange” (Azure-AD). does anyone here know a way to run a local “webauth” server? i found this one (0)

i am grateful for any idea


(0) StrongKey FIDO Server (SKFS) download |


we are also interested in the SKFS project. they also have some kind of community project on github (

We have not tested it yet ourself and are thankful for feedback.

Best regards

Goood Morning @all and a big thanks 4 simon - it looks great,

But, I “have to” implement this on Windows for corporate reasons (still). (There is also Docker for Windows Server :wink: )

So I’m happy to test this and of course I’m also happy to give feedback

I "play arround some time wth Strongkey: Personal opinion: I would like to build a solution myself. And, I don’t “like” Java. :wink: But may be beneficial for other users. Good luck furthermore

Java might be the fastest way to get things started running on Windows, but it’s your call.

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