Nitrokey FIDO2 Firmware 2.0 Update / Windows 10

Hello everybody

It looks like the use of to install the update is not possible under Windows 10. All Browser will get stuck on a 2FA Popup (conformation request) from Windows itself and will run into a timeout.
What worked for me was using Ubuntu. The upgrade finished in 1 minute.

There is still no way to locally login into Windows without using Third Party Software right (outside of an AD Domain)?

P.S: Why is the News about the 2.0 Upgrade not part of your Blog Feed?

Hi @Wilhelm!

Thank you for the hint regarding Windows. We are looking into it.
Regarding logging-in, Windows native feature for local use of FIDO2 is not planned at all as far as I am aware, aside from the AD. However 3rd-party applications may offer that as you said.

As for Blog Feed, do you mean RSS? It’s surely on

Yes i mean the RSS Feed ( ). The last 2 News are missing.

I see, thank you.
Could you check this @jan?

I have the same problem. I tried with Vivaldi (Chromium), Firefox and Edge under Windows 10. The stick is in bootloader mode now so I cannot use it until the upgrade is complete.

Same problem to me. I send a request last week to Nitrokey along with some screenshots.
This morning I’ve got a new browser notification:
“…This OS/browser configuration (Firefox 78.0 on Windows 10 64-bit) is not supported at the moment.
We experience issues while executing update on Windows 10 using all browsers, therefore this platform is temporarily disabled. We are working to restore support for it as soon as possible. …”

I hope this issue can be fixed soon. My Nitro stick is still in bootloader mode as well

@matt @Juergen_F
I am sorry for the inconvenience. We are working on it right now and I will notify you here about the results.


I am pleased to let you know that Windows 10 support was unlocked today and could be used at Update procedure differs from the last time in one step, that after bootloader execution on the start of the actual update the single Windows 10 monit window has to be cancelled (this is the only system window that needs to be cancelled). The process goes further afterwards. Fully supported browser is Firefox only at the moment.

For advanced users, it’s possible to run the update on the Edge and Chrome on Windows with the advanced setting (could be found in the environment details), however during the tests both has freezed if the mentioned monit window was not cancelled in the first 60 seconds (which is a plenty of time, but still), hence this platform disablement by default.

Thx for support, update process now worked for me. (WIN 10, 64-bit, FF 78.02)