Nitrokey: how open case for sim update

Hi Nitro’s enthusiasts,

I have a very stupid question. I’m thinking to replace my Nitrokey pro’s sim (V2.1) with a brand new OpenPGP Sim v3.3. Is there a way to open the device’s case without breaking it?

Will Nitrokey provide an “upgrade kit” composed by New Case + V3.3 Card? (~20€ should be a correct price).




That’s a great idea. Could you briefly list the exact differences between the two cards? Exact data I have not found directly.

The casing is glued and therefore will break most likely. We won’t provide an upgrade kit but you are welcome to place a new order and support our project.

OpenPGP Card 3 has additional support for ECC.

Ok, thanks.

OpenPGP supports (if i’m right) ECC nist and brainpool curves, X.509 certificate for encryption. I’m playing with a vanilla OpenPGP card v3.3 and it seems to be a little bit faster.

@jan I’m happy with my Nitrokey Pro for now. In near future I will buy a Nitrokey storage in order to cover all my use cases.



When will openpgp card v3.3 be placed in nitrokeys? I ordered another in this month and it’s v2.1

Hi Perflyst,

we have no release date yet, sorry!

Kind regards