Nitrokey HSM documentation and GPA


when reading … -documents it claims support for Nitrokey HSM out-of-the-box.

But when running the most recent GPA 0.9.9 I get an error message in the Card Manager claiming “This card application is not yet supported”.

Is this a documentation error, a regression in GPA or some setup issue during my tests?

Maybe the documentation should simply add that it only applies to Nitrokey Pro but not to Nitrokey HSM?


Hi Martin, thank you for the pointer. I updated the documentation accordingly.

Hello, I’ve got still the problem with my Nitrokey HSM and Gnu Privacy Assistant.

I have a Nitropad with Ubuntu 20 running on it. I’ve installed gpa and when I try to access my Nitrokey HSM, i’ve just got error message “the card application is not yet support”. (application selection is set to “Auto”).

Nitrokey HSM is not supported by GPA and GnuPG

Just for completeness, there are some 3rd party drivers which allow to access Nitrokey HSM through GnuPG, however we are not providing support for it. See below for details: