Nitrokey HSM2, scsh3.15.376, and keymanager.js

We have experienced an issues with the scsh3gui and keymanager.js. The keymanager enables the user to interact with the Nitrokey HSM directly and perform key management operations.

This works well for the Nitrokey HSM1. However, for the HSM2, we noticed that the keymanager does not display keys that we generate using the keymanager or our custom scripts (executed in scsh3). Specifically, the outline UI element does not display the keys (labels, contents, etc.).

We used pkcs15-tool -D to verify that our keys were indeed generated.

I’m not certain if this is an OK place to list bugs, but it seems that the smartcard-hsm community and Nitrokey are either the same or close. Let me know if I should provide more details or if you can confirm the same problem.


Does it report any errors in the Shell or Trace tab ?

We did not note any errors in the shell, but we will try again later and examine the trace tab.

I think this issue is OK to close. My team sent me a Nitrokey HSM 2 and I noticed that the key was nested under the DKEK. It was configured with the key algs: ECDSA_SHA256,WRAP.