Nitrokey installation

Any help most appreciated. I am trying to set up my Nitrtokey. I have installed OpenSC. So initializing is next.
Where do I install the initialize command?
Forgive me if this is a dumb question.

Hey @cleanupguy,

it would be good,if you could mention which Nitrokey you would like to use. Also what you are trying to achieve would help to point you toward the right direction.

Generally if you have a Nitrokey Pro/Storage you should start with the nitrokey-app, OpenSC is a cli-only tool, which targets the more specific/special needs of users. If you have a FIDO2, there is no need for a tool despite your browser.

Further, did you check: ?


I purchased a Nitrokey HSM.
I have not checked referenced website but will do so immediately.

Jay C Jamison III

My mistake.
I was using the directions on the referenced website.
I am trying to use my Nitrokey for 2FA instead of having to enter passwords every time I go online.

Jay C Jamison III