NItrokey Password Safe and KeepassXC


One of the most important features for me is the Nitrokey password safe.
Unfortunately, the Nitrokey hardware only allows you to save a few passwords and is therefore unsuitable to replace a password manager like KeePassXC.

Can I somehow combine the password safe of the Nitrokey and KeePassXC so that I don’t have to type in the master password for KeePassXC database on the go or at home, and the data is protected in the event of loss?
Basically my idea was to securely safe the masterpassword for KeePassXC in my Nitrokey Password-Safe and store the KeePassXC database on a pendrive or at home.

Are there other/ better solutions?
I appreciate for any suggestion and help.

@atlantic , I think what you ideally would need is a Nitrokey Storage, because this would allow to store both the database and pasword(s) on the same USB device. (the database going in the protected key storage)
Otherwise, you’ll need two devices, e. g. your (non-sorage) Nitrokey and another one with the dababase on it (or keep it on your computer).
(Also, remember that Keepass, at least the version I have on Linux, proposes a way to unlock itself only when you insert a specific USB key with a specific file on it -but such a key just isn’t password-protected…)


there is a german guide securing keepassxc with a nitrokey pro 2 here :Passwortmanager "KeepassXC" mit Security-Token "Nitrokey" öffnen - Linux Bibel Oesterreich

Best regards