Nitrokey Pro Login Windows Standalone


I am trying to set up login with the Nitrokey Pro on Windows with EIDAuthenticate .
I generated my keys on linux (used this tutotorial: GnuPG-Schlüsselerstellung und Smartcard-Transfer – Nitrokey Teil2 ⋆ Kuketz IT-Security Blog) and they are also found in windows via gpg --card-status.

When I try to assosiate my key via EIDAuthenticate to my user it does not show the certificates but says that the smartcard is being used by another process exclusively and on the follow up screen no certificate is shown.

Any ideas?


do you have any other software like OpenSC installed on the system? Oder did you worked with GnuPG directly beforehand? Only one program can access the device at the same time, unfortunately. Thus, you may need to unplug and plugin the Nitrokey again and/or deactivate programs that try to access the device.

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I have followed the instructions from these links(with the difference that I just want to assosiate the keys with my user but not create them):
First link says to install Mini Driver (CSP).
The second one says to install OpenPGP-CSP in case of Nitrokey Pro 2.

Further possibly relevant software installed is gpg4win which is needed for Enigmail (Thunderbird not running). Like I said in the first posting, the gpg --card-status works and I can see the keys I created which gpg2 under linux.

Unplugging and pluggin in again does not work. It just shows the red light for a short time but shows nothing in the EIDWizard

certutil -scinfo returns
EDIT: I killed the gnupg daemon process, and certutil -scinfo returns the keys, but EIDWizard stillt cant find anything