Nitrokey Pro not found by pkcs11-tool nor opensc-pkcs11


I am using OpenSC 0.21 for Windows, and a brand-new Nitrokey Pro.

Problem is, opensc-tool “sees” the slot with the Nitrokey, but pkcs11-tool does not:

C:\Program Files\OpenSC Project\OpenSC> tools\opensc-tool -l
# Detected readers (pcsc)
Nr.  Card  Features  Name
0    Yes             AKS ifdh 0
1    Yes             AKS ifdh 1
2    Yes             AKS VR 0
3    Yes             Broadcom Corp Contacted SmartCard 0
4    Yes             Broadcom Corp Contactless SmartCard 0
5    Yes             Nitrokey Nitrokey Pro 0

C:\Program Files\OpenSC Project\OpenSC> tools\pkcs11-tool.exe -L
Available slots:
Slot 0 (0x0): AKS ifdh 0
Slot 1 (0x4): AKS ifdh 1
Slot 2 (0x8): AKS VR 0
Slot 3 (0xc): Broadcom Corp Contacted SmartCard 0

Same problem is found by calling the opensc-pkcs11.dll library from any PKCS#11-based software: no slot-with-token is found.

Dear Support, how do we solve this ?


Interesting behavior. I would escalate this to OpenSC directly, but before that let’s check the logs first - can you run these 2 commands with the OPENSC_DEBUG set to 9?
As in:

This would be (if I am not mistaken):

tools\opensc-tool -l
tools\pkcs11-tool.exe -L

Please attach results here (as files or links).

In the default configuration OpenSC supports 16 slots, but reserves 4 virtual slots for each token. If you have more than 4 card readers attached, then you need to increase the max_virtual_slots setting or reduce the slots_per_card setting. See the opensc.conf file for details.

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In fact I had more then 4 readers attached, and after changing the opensc configuration as suggested above I was able to work with the Nitrokey. Thank you.