Nitrokey Pro RSA4096 Key


Im trying to not be annoying and helpless but I cannot find adequate information to create RSA4096 keys using gpg4win on Windows 7 x64

What I’ve found so far looking on these forums for an hour:

Go to GPG’s install directly within Windows Command Prompt “cd C:\Program Files (x86)\GNU\GnuPG\gpg.exe”

Enter command “gpg --card-edit” while the Nitrokey is inserted via USB

Enter “admin” when asked

Then what after this? What more is needed to make the Nitrokey accept/allow RSA4096 keys?

Also, what do I do to create the RSA4096 keys using gpg4win? Do I go to the GPA Card Manager, go to the menu bar and “Card” and then “Generate” or do I need to configure gpg4win to allow RSA4096 also?

Sorry that I don’t know this stuff…

Thank you everyone

Sorry that I don’t know this stuff…

Yet. We’ll see if we can fix that.

Then what after this? What more is needed to make the Nitrokey accept/allow RSA4096 keys?

There’s nothing special about Windows. I did find that initially, the nitrokey said it would only handle a 2048 bit key – until I put in a 4096 bit key. Then all was well.

I will suggest that you do not use any of the GUI tools - they are wrappers to the command line anyway. I’ve found that Windows can have odd locking issues; you see the error on the command line, but the GUI tools don’t tell you that anything is wrong.

The Nitrokey acts like a generic GPG Card (or OpenPGP card). In that way, there’s nothing “special” about it. (Standard interfaces are wonderful!).

I’d suggest a couple of tutorials, which will do a better job than I can:

GNUPG Card Howto
YubiKey Instructions - Yubikey is a competitor to Nitrokey; but again - standard interfaces mean the instructions work for both.

Thank you PariahZero, I appreciate it!

I checked out the links you included and they walked me through everything! Great warning about not using the GUI also, I’m glad I didn’t use the GUI because even just clicking around in the GPG tools just getting familiar, the GUI crashed on me three times in an hour…unbelievable!

Anyway, using the CLI for doing the important stuff is great and is wise to follow that!

Thanks again