NitroKey Pro TOTP fails after a day


I’ve been having an issue with the TOTP (for microsoft) generated by my nitrokey pro. The generated key work fine when i first start up the nitrokey app. Then after a few hours, the generated keys are no longer accepted. If i restart the nitrokey app, the keys are accepted again.

A log from the first run, i generated a key twice near the end of the log (that both were not accepted).
1st log file here

The log from the second run, this one i started the app, and generated the key, that was accepted.
2nd log file here

This seems to be the same issue as discussed in this thread and in this issue. Basically, the internal clock of the Nitrokey Pro is only updated when you generate the first TOTP code per Nitrokey App session. After a few hours, the clock is out of sync. It is only updated once you restart the Nitrokey App.

Currently, restarting Nitrokey App is the only workaround for this issue. In the future, Nitrokey App should update the time for every TOTP code generation, not only for the first.

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This one should be fixed from the next Nitrokey App release, v1.5.