Nitrokey Pro V2 - do I need NitroApp?

As a friend of cmd-line and a hater of QT-Apps, I wonder if I really need the Nitrokey App for the usage of NitroKey Pro ?

What would be the benefit ? Only to point and click or is there something that the App supports , but is missed by GnuPG or OpenSC (PKCS#11 etc). ?

With the app you can store passwords and generate/use OneTimePasswords (OTP). If you do not need these features, you don’t need the app. GPG is always done via other app or cli.

Thanks - I store passwords with macOS keyring and I try to extend that now that keyring will use the NK for verification. OTP : are there plugins available for Browsers ( e.g. Safari, Firefox /Klar ? ) Do you know ?

Not that I know. What I know is that there is no NK browser addon. You need the NK app for OTP.


you may have a look here! There are some community project providing cli access to the device. We did separate App from the main functionality which is provided by libnitrokey. Therefore, it is easily possible to build your own applications arround the Nitrokey.

I don’t know of any browser plugin though.

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