Nitrokey Pro: Veracrypt import of token

Hi, Iḿ unable to import a token to my Nitrokey Pro. Setup: Kubuntu, using OpenSC. The connection to my stick seems to be established, but when I try to import the token a general error occurs.


Could you provide more information about the environment? What OpenSC version do you use? It’s possible you have an old version of the library.
You can check package version with:

apt list --installed | grep -i opensc

Sure! The response on the apt list command;

opensc-pkcs11/eoan,now 0.19.0-2 amd64 [installiert]
opensc/eoan,now 0.19.0-2 amd64 [installiert]

Anything else?

Thank you! OpenSC 0.19 is already one year old. I am not sure if it is supported with the latest Nitrokey Pro 2. Could you try to install OpenSC 0.20 version from

cc @nitroalex

Thank you! That worked fine, but there are new challenges. :slight_smile: I try to solve it with some research first.

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