Nitrokey rugged enclosure

does anyone knows of rugged enclosure where we could safely put our nitrokey? I recently bought a Nitrokey Storage and I’ve noticed that the plastic enclosure seems weak and absolutely not dust/water resistant. I’m worried because I always carry my nitrokey in my keychain, to make sure I always have it with me. Unfortunately it happens that the keychain gets wet or that it falls to the ground and this could break the enclosure and maybe the electronics.
Did anyone found a way to make more “rugged” its nitrokey? I wasn’t able to find anything online.

Thank You


I am using a NK Storage for more than 3 month now on my keyring. I was sceptical about the case as well, but until now it seems to me that it is doing well.

To build a water-resitant device should be far more difficult than just “hardening” the device case. The latter may be achieved with some rubber stuff like sugru.

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I know that some devices of this type are drown in hot-glue. I am not sure though about heat dissipation during every-day use for the Storage itself (due to CPU-intensive encrypted and hidden volume usage).

I guess at some point we could make a wash-machine test to ensure its endurance.