Nitrokey Start GNUK upgrade failed - device bricked

I have tried to upgrade my Nitrokey Start to GNUK 1.2.18, but it seems that I have managed to brick it.

Below are the steps which I have followed. Please tell me what I am doing wrong. I would like to be able to compile the GNUK firmware by myself.
In addition, how can I recover the device?

  • OS: Debian Sid

  • Prerequisites:
    apt install git build-essential make gcc-arm-none-eabi python3-usb scdaemon python3-cffi

git clone git://
git submodule update --init
git submodule update
git checkout release/1.2.18

  • Configure

Check the current configuration of the token:
:~gnuk_1.2.18/tool$ python3
Vendor: Nitrokey
Product: Nitrokey Start
Serial: FSIJ-1.2.15-43132712
Revision: RTM.10
Config: NITROKEY_START:dfu=no:debug=no:pinpad=no:certdo=yes:factory_reset=yes
Sys: 3.0

$ cd src/
$ ./configure --vidpid=20a0:4211 --target=NITROKEY_START --enable-factory-reset --enable-certdo
Header file is: board-nitrokey-start.h
Debug option disabled
Configured for bare system (no-DFU)
PIN pad option disabled
CERT.3 Data Object is supported
Card insert/removal by HID device is NOT supported
Life cycle management is supported
Acknowledge button is supported

$ cd …/regnual/
$ make
$ cd …/tool/

Admin password:
Configuration: 1
Interface: 0
…/regnual/regnual.bin: 4440
…/src/build/gnuk.bin: 112640
CRC32: c05178dc

Configuration: 1
Interface: 0
Downloading flash upgrade program…
start 20002a00
end 20003b00
Run flash upgrade program…
Waiting for device to appear:
Wait 1 second…
Wait 1 second…
Wait 1 second…
Wait 1 second…
Wait 1 second…
Wait 1 second…
Wait 1 second…
Wait 1 second…
Wait 1 second…
Wait 1 second…

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