Nitrokey Start RTM.10: Not usable in Android with OpenKeychain 5.5?

Anyone using Nitrokey Start RTM.10 with Android?

I’m not able to access Nitrokey Start, pl. see :

USB error: failed to transmit data (-1/15)

No reply from open-keychain so far.

Which firmware version can Nitrokey Support confirm to work with OpenKeychain?

Is it possible to downgrade Nitrokey Start RTM.10?

Actually I’ve bought Nitrokey Start to use it in Android.

Thank you.

Hi @Alexus9!

We will check it. What’s your Android version?
Last time I was testing it was RTM.8 I believe, with OpenKeychain 5.4. We were not receiving any complains in this topic up until now.

Edit: from the ticket:

Android Version: 8.1.0
Device Model: bq Aquaris X with cable TUPower A11 USB C Adapter
OpenKeychain Version: 5.5 (55000)
From Google Play or F-Droid?: Google Play
Nitrokey Start firmware version: RTM10

Android Version: 5.1.1
Device Model: Huawei P7-L10 with cable Hama Micro USB OTG Adapter Cable

My Android version is 8.1.0., only that is important. Android 5.1.1 is my old mobile, which I only tested for interest (with same result).

Once the Nitrokey did not work at all. I got a replacement Nitrokey by the merchant. The error didn’t occur any more, probably the former Nitrokey was partially defect and completely defect finally.

Basically RTM.10 and OpenKeychain work, but I get problems with OpenKeychain when I have multiple identities (nitropy start set-identity <number>, pl. see