Nitrokey Storage 2 Windows 10 not showing in D drive

Hi there, I am trying to get the Nitrokey Storage key to work. At the moment when I plug the key into a USB port it does show anywhere on the D drive. What do I need to do to get this key working? There was a problem with the initial firmware update, I think, possibly a mistake, so how to re-flash or get the key working? The problem is it does not even show up as a device when opening Belena Etcher with the key plugged in, so the computer is not seeing the key when it is plugged in at all…can you help? Thanks!

Hi, so is there a way to re-launch or re-install this Nitrokey Storage 2 device? As said it is not showing anymore when plugged into the lenovo T15 laptop running windows 10. When the firmware got updated from within the app it somehow killed the key and now it does not show at all. Is there a way to get the key working again and showing, perhaps a reinstall? It is new and I haven’t managed to get it working it yet…can anyone help? Thanks,