NitroKey Storage and MacOS Mavericks/10.9

Dear NitroKey,

I have received some few days ago the NitroKey Storage that I ordered mainly to use on my Mac laptop running MacOS 10.9 (aka Mavericks), still I do not manage to use it with the computer.

Here is what I have done on my laptop (mostly following instruction found on the site here : ):

I can well see the «UNencrypted» partition of the key when it is plugged to the USB of the computer.

Then when the is running I get proper notification of the plugging of the nitrokey-storage (through notification center) and I also get a modal warning «Encrypted volume is not secure, Select “Initialize device” option from context menu.»

This is somehow unsurprising to me since I have not initialised either PIN (nor User nor Admin) and set an encrypted volume. The problem I am facing is to find the place from which I could perform those types of settings. The NitroKey application does not have a GUI and I have tried to see if there is a specific contextual menu when clicking on the key (from within the Finder) but only got the «standard» contextual menu without any extra option/items from the menu. Hence I am totally lost to where I should go to get the «context menu» mentioned in the Warning (and the rest of the interface mentioned on the web page).

Indeed I would very much like to be able to use the key without upgrading the OS of the laptop (I dislike the move of Apple towards a «iOS for a computer» instead of a true computer OS).

Hoping someone could help me here, cheers,


Please see my answer here: MacOS Maverick (10.9)