Nitrokey Storage - Build firmware on Linux


I have managed to build the firmware on Linux (Mint 17.3) using AVR32 Studio 2.6.0. But I haven’t got any hardware yet so I can’t tell whether it actually works.
However, I needed to adjust several #include header filenames to account for Linux case sensitivity and forward/backward slashes. I don’t know whether the firmware maintainers would like feedback on this?
One thing I’m not sure about is what to do with the pm_240.h file. The project, as I downloaded it, uses a header file provided by AVR32 Studio: as4e-ide/plugins/com.atmel.avr.toolchains.linux.x86_64_3.0.0.201009140852/os/linux/x86_64/avr32/include/pm_231.h
I’m not familiar with AVR32 Studio and I was unable to figure out how to persuade it from not including pm_231.h and include pm_240.h instead. I built the firmware by replacing the original pm_231.h with the renamed pm_240.h. I expect that there is a better way. If someone can enlighten me.


Yes, we are interested in your changes letting the firmware compile on Linux. I assume it won’t break Windows builds. If you could send a pull request, that would be great.

pm_240.h only contains processor registers so that it should not cause any problems.

Your patch has been merged to current firmware master branch.