Nitrokey Storage case logo

Will the Nitrokey storage be available without the Nitrokey logo on it?

I realise that for marketing/advertising purposes all the Nitrokeys have “Nitrokey” printed on the case. But, the idea behind the Storage is that it “enables users to plausibly deny the existence of additional encrypted data (e.g. during border controls)”.

Looking at the design of the case, the NK Storage is significantly longer than the Start/Pro/HSM. Which means that in the border control situation listed above, the person inspecting the key could simply google “Nitrokey”, see that its the longer storage version, and hence all deniability is lost.

I’d personally want no logo, or to remove the NitroKey logo. Perhaps instead of it being printed on the case it could be replaced with a sticker that could be removed?

Currently our plan is to ship all Nitrokeys with a logo. However, if there is demand for a non-logo version, we could consider offering this too. In your specific case, you may send us an email and we try to find a solution for you.