Nitrokey Storage - Error duiring firmware build on Linux

Hi, I try to build firmware under kali linux.
I use as4e-ide-, latest source.
I go through man, make java executable and get following: click
This is unclear error for me. What happened. Does anyone able to help me ?


I am not sure, if I understood your procedure right… You did what’s written here, right?

What do you mean by

Kind regards

Yes, I

You did what’s written here, right?

use this instructions, then chown files like this. But unable to successfully build.
Same time, firmware successfuly compile on Windows(from same folder)

Well, did you try building the original firmware? If this does not build as well, please come back. If only this fork does not build, please open issue there. I appreciate this project, but I can not debug for now…

Maybe it is a good idea to use Linux Mint 17.3 to build as the user mupuf did. Kali Linux uses an older Debian version I bet.