Nitrokey Storage extrem slow after Windows 10 Creators Update


After upgrading my computer to Windows 10 Creators Update (version 1703) mounting Nitrokey Storage is extremly slow.
It tooks ~15-20 minutes after insserting the stick to recognise the unencrypted volume and also to recognise the stick in the nitro key app.
After this time i can unlock the encrypted volume…and have to wait again to mount the unlocked volume.

Normal usb sticks are working fine.

Has anyone else had the same experience?

(you can answer also in german…)




Could you describe which and in what way LEDs on the device are flashing?
Also, what is the firmware version of the key? I presume App version is v0.6.3 - is that right?


Firmware is 0.45 and app is 0.6.3.
The LED is flashing 2x red directly after inserting the stick. Then nothing.
I can’t see any new drive and the app says “…not connected”.
After ~15-20 minutes i see the standard windows message about a new drive “E:” and the app says connected.

I cannot say, if the LED is flashing directly before the drive is mounted, because it isn’t funny to stare at the stick for this long time.

Btw…is there more than one LED in the nitrokey storage?

Of course, I just meant the initial LED signals (10 seconds or so), sorry for not precising this.
As for LED, there are two colours: red and green.
Thank you for reporting. In case you would notice some other helpful symptoms please let us know.

Edit: registered issue


Another point is, the unencrypted volume is mounted twice in the windows explorer (E: / F:)

Can i give you more information? USBDeview or registry keys?
Because this bug renders my nitrokey totally useless!


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I checked this again on a Windows 10 Anniversary (1607) and stick is working fine.
Also checked this on a complete different machine with Win10 Creators Update (1703) with same issue as above.
So I think it’s easy reproducible!

Just put a NitroKey Storage in a computer with a current Win 10.

We are working on solving this issue. In the meanwhile: Microsoft recommends you don’t install the Windows 10 Creators Update :wink:

Sorry, wenn ich jetzt auf Deutsch wechsle…

Man kann es sich ja leicht machen, in dem man sagt, dass man ein Betriebstsystem-Update nicht installieren soll!
Ich habe Windows 10 inkl. dem letzten Update auf annähernd 5 verschiedenen Rechner ohne Probleme laufen. Nur der NitroKey Storage ist kaputt.

Gerade aber das Creator-Update taucht ja nicht morgens auf, und sagt: da bin ich!!
Das ist Monate vorher bekannt, und wenn man Computer-Hardware verkaufen will, sollte man sich frühzeitig um seine Plattform kümmern, mit der man GELD verdienen will!
Will heißen: Frühzeitig seine Hardware auf den unterstützten Plattformen testen! Das machen andere Hardware-Anbieter auch!

Ich hab also hier also einen kaputten USB Stick, auf den ich nicht mehr zugreifen kann, der als Security-Tool verkauft wird.
Dafür sind 100€ viel Geld.

Meine “sicheren” Daten liegen jetzt auf einen normalen Stick, damit ich überhaupt arbeiten kann, und der NitroKey liegt in der Schublade. Aber trotzdem schön, dass jemand nach knapp 3 Wochen sagt, dass da noch was passiert.

Passiert hier noch irgendwas? Wenn ich den github Eintrag anschaue, ist dort auch keine Aktivität.
Und die letzten Commits im github für den NitroKey Storage sind auch schon über 2 Monate alt.

Irgendwie hab ich das Gefühl, das war ein absoluter Fehlkauf. Support sieht meiner Meinung nach anders aus.


After nearly a month I think a little more than “we are working on it” would be in order.

Any news on this issue?

We have a new firmware solving this issue in internal testing. In the
best case, we will publish the update in the coming days.

Please update and test the latest firmware release 0.46, which should solve this issue.


With the new release and APP Version 1.1 it’s working ~50%.

With a “fresh” booted PC with Windows 10 (1704 / 15063.413):

  • connect NKS -> fine, device is recognized
  • start APP -> NKS is connected
  • Unlock -> fine
  • Lock -> fine

Now if i don’t remove the NKS, and just want to unlock it again:

  • NKS is still connected, APP is still running, unencrypted partition is still visible
  • Unlock -> unlock animation stops after some time
  • after some “more” time, the APP shows this:

    …which is wrong, because all partitions are unmounted
    …and this popup is displayed:

Now, if i remove NKS and insert it again, Windows shows/mount me the unencrypted Partition and the encrypted one as well. But the encrypted partition is not accessable.
I have to remove/insert the NKS again, to have a clean state, and then I can unlock and use NKS one time normaly.

So I would say, it’s working 50%…But it feels not sooo reliability, especially for a security device.

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Also found this in the Windows Event Log:

@silvio We released a new firmware version today. Please try if the error still occurs. Thanks.

I got a new Nitrokey Storage 16GB today and i have trouble getting it running under Windows 10 Creators Update.

I updated the firmware to 0.47 (with linux) and still have trouble accessing the Nitrokey, Nitro App is blocking and try to access the storage for around 5-10 minutes, the Red Light on the Nitrokey is permanent on, after some time the App is repsponsive again for a short moment, after around 1 minute the app is again not responding and the red led is on again.

Hi @Cerberus,

I could not reproduce this behaviour. But maybe it is a try to remove the Nitrokey in the Hardware-Manager after Firmware Upgrade. So insert the Stick (app still closed), go to the windows settings and then to devices. You should be able to delete the Nitrokey there. Then plug the key out and in again. You probably get informed that there is a new device by windows.

And if you are finally getting a connection to the app, can you may look at the about section whether you really have the 0.47 firmware as well?

Kind regards

Hello @Cerberus!
Today firmware 0.48 was released. Please retry using this.

Best regards,