Nitrokey storage factory-reset

Since I forgot my pins, I’m trying to fully factory reset the device, when I look at the documentation here:

It tells me to factory-reset the device using the NitroKey App. The device connects fine, but I am unable to find any signs of a “factory reset” function in this app. Can I get some help please?

Thank you in advance.

It is a little bit hidden. You need to call the EXE file with a parameter: Nitrokey-App.exe --admin

Nitrokey-App.exe --help
Usage: Nitrokey-App.exe [options]
Nitrokey App - Manage your Nitrokey sticks

  -?, -h, --help                         Displays this help.
  -v, --version                          Displays version information.
  --clear-settings                       Clear all application's settings
  -d, --debug                            Enable debug messages
  --df, --debug-file <log-file-name>     Save debug log to file with name
                                         <log-file-name> (experimental)
  --dw, --debug-window                   Save debug log to App's window
  --dl, --debug-level <debug-level-int>  Set debug level, 0-4
  -s, --delay <delay>                    Set delay between commands sent to
                                         device (in ms) to <delay>
  --version-more                         Show additional information about
  -a, --admin                            Enable extra administrative functions
  --language-list                        List available languages
  -l, --language <en>                    Load translation file with given name
                                         and store this choice in settings file.
  --no-window                            Display no window.


Thank you, it worked.

They should really add a proper guide on how to completely reset the device when you don’t know the user pin and admin pin like me, it was pretty confusing at first.

I created a Pull Request to update the documentation.

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This got merged lately, thank you!