NitroKey Storage Fehler Verschlüsseltes Volumen + Passwörter


leider habe ich bereits zum 2ten Mal das Problem, dass der NitroKey Storage scheinbar das verschlüsselte Volumen nicht sicher verschlüsselt und somit ein neuer AES-Schlüssel generiert werden muss. Dabei muss das Gerät neu initialisiert werden und die ganzen Passworteinträge aus dem Passwortmanager sind somit verschwunden. Das Problem tritt auf, wenn der NitroKey über ein USB Hub angeschlossen wird.

Hi @HomeWire,

Sorry for the problem. From your description it seems like there is not enough power on the USB hub to provide for the Nitrokey Storage device. Could you try to connect directly to the host PC?

Regarding the operation itself, “initialization” overwrites the data storage with random data for a plausible deniability, and has to be done completely only once in the device’s life-time. Since some time we release the devices already initialized, hence it is not required to be redone (but can be of course on user’s wish).
The data stored on the volume and in PWS are securely lost each time the AES key is regenerated (this includes the factory-reset command issued with the GnuPG tool), therefore no additional clearing/overwrite is later required. It should be possible to skip it, but I do not see that option in the latest Nitrokey App. Will check once again.

PS Feel free to continue in German if you like.

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