Nitrokey Storage not recognize

Dear Nitrokey,

I’m trying to run my Nitorkey Storage into Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS.
After followed precisely the setup instructions, my Nitrokey was not recognized by the Nitrokey app. I’ve searched into the Nitorkey support and try to followed instructions regarding the wget/rules solution without any success. My gpg card status continues to not recognized the usb device and the Nitrokey app as well.

I’ve run commands from lsusb, that seems to scope on ATMEL device onto my USB controller and appeared UNCLAIMED.

Please could you help to solve this issue?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Dear @Francois_Emmanuel,

  1. Could you paste please the results of following command?
 lsusb | grep 20a0
  1. Please link the setup instructions you were following.


Dear Szczepan,

Thanks for your reply. Find below my comments:
1 - no result from this command.
2 - Followed these instructions:
a - . 1,2,3,4
b - (GNU/Ubuntu)

Best regards,


Dear Szczepan,

Did you have any solution in order to fix my issue?

Best regards,


Dear Emmanuel,

Sorry, I have missed your earlier post. The reply from lsusb with the device inserted should look like this:

sz@stumpy ~> lsusb | grep 20a0
Bus 003 Device 007: ID 20a0:4109 Clay Logic Nitrokey Storage

In case where you see:

sz@stumpy ~> lsusb | grep -e 03eb -e Atmel -i
Bus 003 Device 010: ID 03eb:2ff1 Atmel Corp. at32uc3a3 DFU bootloader

when the device is connected, it must be in firmware update mode. Nitrokey App v1.4 does not detect the device in the update mode, which might be confusing - sorry for that.
In case you have enabled it, please continue with the update process, as described in:

In case the device has arrived in this state please let me know.

Best regards,

Dear Szczepan,

I confirm after followed all instructions for firmware update storage, my Nitrokey works fine! Thus, I guess my Nitrokey Storage has arrived in this state.

Thanks for your help !

Best regards,